WOD November 18, 2013

Sin City Souths Fit Challenge winner did a Phenomonal job on sticking to their diet and never missing a workout. In the begining we noticed this individual dreaded some of these workouts but in the end, they started to enjoy them because they saw themselves changing. Overall, this person improved in every catagory, from appearence to statistics. Not only did this individual lose almost 10lbs and look completely different from when they started, they drastically improved on every workout, having the best time differentials out of anybody. Their biggest highlight was shaving 5 min. off the wallball situp workout.

So Congratulations Amy Creeger, you are our diet challenge winner.

Workout of the Day

Congratulations to everyone that completed the Fall Fit Challenge!

Work Out of the Day

Snatch 3-3-3-3-3


8 rounds for time:

4 snatches, 145/100lbs

200m run

Post time to beyond the whiteboard.


25 minute AMRAP:

400m run

40 air squats

30 situps

20 pushups

10 burpees

Post rounds completed to beyond the whiteboard. 

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