WOD – March 20, 2013

We will be closed this Saturday for the CrossFit Open.  This weeks Open Workout will be held Saturday from 9am-noon at SinCity CrossFit West!!!  Heat times will be released Wednesday night after 13.3 is revealed!

Athlete of the Week!

Name: Katelyn Durant

 Age: 24
Occupation: Escrow/Title
Single/married? Single
fran:       6:50      1rm clean n jerk:       115lbs             cindy:      11 rounds
Favorite workout music? Rock or Rap
How long have you been crossfitting? 3years
Favorite movement? Ball Slams
Favorite workout? Cindy
Least favorite movement? Thruster
Why do you go to SCCF?  I go to SCCF because of the trainers, athletes, positive atmosphere, and consistent physical challenge it gives me. 
How has CrossFit improved your life? CrossFit has made me a stronger individual physically and mentally.  It also has made me to want to eat healthier. 
Biggest achievement since you started/ what you are most proud of?  I was most proud when I (finally) got my first double-under since that was the most frustrating for me to learn.
What are your fitness goals for this year? Become a better long distance runner.

Work Out of the Day


5 rounds for time:

10 box jumps, 30/24″

10 deadlifts, 185/135lbs

10 over the bar burpees

400m run

Post time to beyond the whiteboard.


Metcon Workout

10 rounds for time:

10 box jumps, 20″

20 air squats

200m run

Post time to beyond the whitboard.

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