WOD December 21, 2012

***ATTENTION*** This Saturday, December 22, from 9-4pm, the new gourmet bakery “Johnny Cakes” will be holding a large event in our parking lot. There will be free admission, food trucks and free tastings from some of the best restuarants and bakeries in Las Vegas, so bring the whole family! Also, the main enterence to the parking lot will be closed off so you will have to use either one of the side entrances and park behind the building. Instead of a making up a WOD you missed, we will be holding a fun and special workout in front of the building at 10, 11 and 12 (the regular make up times).  Please come so we can show you off to the crowd!

Starting in January, SinCity CrossFit South will be trying out a CrossFit kids program every Saturday at 11 am for the entire month. If you are interested, please check the website for further updates, and feel free to ask TJ, Billy or Max for any additional information.

*** SinCity CrossFit South Holiday Schedule***

December 24 (Christmas Eve): Closed

December 25 (Christmas Day): Closed

December 31 (New Years Eve):

9 am Metcon / Intro Workout

10 am CrossFit

11 am Metcon / Intro Workout

12 pm CrossFit

January 1 (New Years Day): Closed


Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1


“End of The World Body Explosion 9000”

13 min amrap of

5 Deadlifts 225/153

7 Chest 2 bar pullups

9 Box Jumps 24/20

Rob Orlando finds his 1 rep max deadlift….



25 min amrap:

150m run with medball 20/14

10 alt. box step ups with ball

15 situps with ball

10 pushups

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