WOD – December 14, 2012

All workout times today are both Metcon and WOD!  

Be sure to wear your crazy Christmas sweaters!  

Best dressed team will win  a pair of our new men’s and women’s SCCF shorts!

Tonight is the Holiday Party at Ranch House! Click the link above for more info!

If you don’t have a teammate, we will find one for you!

Work Out of the Day

“2012 Crazy Christmas Sweater WOD”

In teams of 2 for time:

50 buddy pullups

100yd leap frog

50 buddy wallballs, 20/14/10lbs

100yd buddy carry

50 buddy pistols

100yd wheelbarrow walk

50 buddy situps, 20/14/10lbs

100yd burpee jumpovers

50 buddy slamballs, 30/20/10lbs

100 calorie row

Pullups are completed with partners switching off, and assisting is allowed.  Wallballs are completed with teammates throwing to eachother side by side.  Teammates may carry eachother anyway on buddy carry.  Buddy pistols are completed alternating reps with teammates holding opposite hands, balancing eachother.  Buddy situps are completed across from eachother, with feet interlocking, passing slamball to eachother.  Burpee jumpovers consist of teammates doing a burpee broad jump over eachother.  Buddy slamballs are done slamming the ball down and across to eachother and catching on the bounce.  Athletes must be in pushup plank position, while their teammates are rowing.  Post time to beyond the whiteboard.


sincitycrossfit's 2010 Christmas Sweater WOD album on Photobucket
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