WOD, August 15, 2013

Attention! The gym will be closed this saturday but you can go down to the main gym on Wigwam and Gibson between 10-1pm for your make-up workout. Check out www.sincitycrossfit.com for directions and other information.

Workout of the Day


10 min pull-up practice

10 min HSPU practice


“Death by Pull-up and Handstand Pushps”

With a continuously running clock perform:

1 Pull-up and 1 Handstand Push Up in the first 1 min

2 Pull-ups and 2 Handstand Push Ups in the second

3 Pull-ups and 3 Handstand Push Ups in the third

 … Continuing this for as long as you are able. 

*Once you fail to complete all the HSPU in the given minute, continue on with pull-ups as long as you are able.

The Kipping Handstand Pushup

The Butterfly Pull-up



20 Min AMREP

for total reps…

1 Box jump 24/20

1 Pushup

1 Front squat with slam ball 30/20





Continue with progression as fast as possible until the time limit is up.

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