WOD April 25, 2013

***Upcoming Events*** 

Saturday 4/27 at 1:30pm – Olympic Lifting Class w/ John Broz @ main gym
Saturday 4/27 at 7:00pm – Shane Patton Pub Crawl in Boulder City, Buy shirts at Main gym
HEY GUESS WHAT!!!!!! If you can’t do double unders to save your life, you should probably go to the RX Jump Rope Double Under Clinic! Sunday 4/28 from 9am – 12pm!

Workout of the Day

Backsquat 5-5-5-5-5


5 Rounds of:

25 Double unders

15 Sit-ups

5 Burpees

rest 1 min

*** total time is score***



20 min AMRAP

50 Jump ropes

20 Situps

10 Kettle bell swings 53/35

1 Burpee x the round



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