WOD November 5, 2013

Today we are repeating the workouts for the Fall Fit Challenge!  Make sure and log your scores in at beyondthewhiteboard.com!

The new skills cycle starts this week!  

Measurements for Fit Challenge will be today

Work Out of the Day


2 rounds for reps of :

In 2 minutes –

200m row

max handstand pushups

1 minute rest

In 2 minutes –

50 double unders

max rep pistols

1 minute rest

In 2 minutes –

200m run

max rep strict pullups

1 minute rest

Athletes have 2 minutes to complete work and 1 minute to rest.  Post total reps and reps for each movement.



4 rounds for max rep –

1 minute ball slams

1 minute v-ups

1 minute grasshoppers

1 minute alternating jumping lunges

1 minute rest

Post total reps to beyond the whiteboard.

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