Shaina Tamburr

  • I have lived in Henderson and been working out at Sin City Crossfit South since 2012. Before that I lived in the Bay Area of California. I have always been athletic playing sports throughout high school and college. After college, I was bored by the globogyms and wanted something that would be more of a challenge and vary day by day. I started Crossfit in 2010 when my chiropractor told me my lack of core muscles was resulting in my lower back pain. I tried Crossfit and never looked back.

    Crossfit embraces a lifestyle that resonates with my life and passions. SSCFS is a community that has provided me roots in Henderson and lifelong friendships. Diet is very important to me as an individual and I enjoy helping others learn what works for them. Zone and Paleo have changed my quality of life and eliminated medicines for my allergies. I enjoy the opportunity to help other athletes achieve their own goals and aspirations. As a coach, I am always trying to learn and expand my knowledge of Crossfit and diet.