O’Niel Cueto

I was born in Los Angeles. Moved to Vegas when I was 2 years old. Been here ever since. Vegas blood runs through my veins!

I played basketball in junior and high school. I have a huge love for the game (LAKERS!!!!!!!) I was also a dancer (breakdancing)! Being a bboy taught me a lot about body mechanics, balance, coordination, etc. My introduction to gymnastic movements began as a bboy. I danced for over 10 years. Breakdancing has helped me significantly with my strength and coordination in my gymnastic movements I use in crossfit.

My father was big into fitness and signed me up for the gym when I was 14. He taught me how to do all the basic lifts and how to get strong (global gym style). From the moment I picked up my first barbell, I was hooked. Just like most people, I thought that lifting in a global gym was the best and only way to achieve my fitness goals. 16 years later, I was introduced to crossfit. I walked into the gym with my own ideas of fitness, confident that I was going to be able to tackle the workout if the day (WOD)… I was wrong! The Wod left me flat on my A**, humbled and defeated! I’ve been crossfitting ever since.

Crossfit is my lifestyle! The laws and principles of crossfit have changed EVERY part of my life in the right direction. I am inspired to stay as healthy as I can for my family, my community, myself.

I currently work as a sports/massage therapist. I have been a therapist for over 12 years. I believe that the body is an amazing machine that is capable of anything! Through proper care, diet, and exercise, I have witnessed the human body overcome the greatest and most impossible tasks… Giving birth, defeating cancer, working through a WOD! My love and respect for the human body is evident in my coaching. I will push all my athletes to be the best version of themselves in every way… Mentally, physically, spiritually! Through crossfit, anything and everything has been made possible!

Outside of the box, I enjoy anything and everything outdoors… Snowboarding, hiking, paddle boarding, camping, fishing, etc…

I have an amazing wife who supports everything I do, and a son who is the purpose if my whole existence! I love every aspect of my life, and crossfit has made everything that much better!