Lynette Ship

  • CrossFit Level I Certification

    I am a married mother of two who grew up as a chubby kid in a small town. Always being teased for my appearance, I did not participate in any sports or activities at school. High school was a challenging time for me as I became withdrawn and embarrassed about who I was. After I graduated high school I began to take better care of myself. I discovered a love for fitness and living a healthier lifestyle. 

    After college I took my fitness journey in a new direction. Living in California during the height of the era, I was chosen by the website to participate in a six month fitness challenge. The website paid for the best coaches, trainers, gym memberships and support team. At the end of the 6 months, I participated in my first ever Olympic distance triathlon and I was hooked on the love for health and fitness.

    I discovered Crossfit 6 years ago when a friend made me try a class with her. I found the workouts fun and challenging. Nothing beats the community support and family feel of a Crossfit gym. Being on of the older members, I overcame the nagging beliefs that I was ‘too old’ to enjoy, and benefit from, this sport. I started competing in Crossfit competitions, and realized that this sport holds a place for everyone. 5 years later I decided to become certified so I could help others like me realize that it is never too late.

    As a coach I strive to motivate and encourage each person in my class. I want everyone to recognize that they accomplished something that most people will never do, and can leave the gym feeling like it was an hour well spent. I want each person in the room to know that we all have strengths, weaknesses and insecurities. Most importantly, I want to reach those individuals who feel that they can’t do it, are too old to do it, or are overwhelmed by where they are at this moment in their fitness journey. I want to see them succeed, witness their growth, and help them realize that it is never too late.