Courtney Yin-LaVoie

  • Bachelor of Arts,
    Sports Medicine & Kinesiology,
    Whitworth University

    Crossfit Level 1 Certification
    Crossfit Level 2 Certification

    Crossfit Gymnastics Certification

    Courtney grew up in Waipahu, Hawai’i and has lived in Henderson since 2007 with her husband and three children. She was a sports dabbler as kid but nothing ever really stuck. She really didn’t consider herself an athlete until she found Crossfit. She always had a love for sports and being active, but Crossfit is what really brought the athlete out in her.

    As an adult she stayed active with traditional globo gym classes, cardio, and weight lifting routines (back, bi’s & tri’s baby!). After her third baby she wanted to to change up her fitness routine. She worked out consistently throughout her last pregnancy and after, but was unsatisfied and bored with your regular fitness regimen. She had heard about crossfit from a few friends for a couple of years, but put off trying it out. In 2012 she decided to give it a go. And in fact attended the very first class on opening day at SinCity Crossfit South.

    When Courtney isn’t caring for her family she is training or educating herself in everything Crossfit & Paleo. She has an incredible desire to help others achieve any fitness or health goal they might have.

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