September 14th, 2012

Work Out of the Day

As many rounds as possible in 25min:

In teams of two
Run 400m
Max reps- Burpee Box-Overs 24/20

Team mate 1 runs 400m, while team mate 2 is accumulating as many BBO’s as possible until team mate 1 returns from the run.  As soon as team mate 1 returns- team mate 2  runs 400m while team mate 1 continues where team mate 2 left off on their BBO’s.  Post the teams combined Burpee Box Over’s to 

Next Saturday SinCity CrossFit is hosting the Strength Specific Olympic Lifting Semenar!! This seminar is for anyone- It does not matter your skill level,  if you’re new to CrossFit or have been doing CrossFit for years. You WILL become more technically proficient and have a greater understanding of the Olympic Lifts. Sign up here 


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