First Work Out

Your first workout is free here at SinCity CrossFit South.  Any of the metcon workout times are available to come try CrossFit for the first time.  If you have worked out previously at another CrossFit affiliate and are thinking about joining, you can come try out any of our WOD classes for free the first time.  

Metcon WOD

Intense metabolic conditioning workouts with a strong emphasis on proper mechanics and increased mobility.  These workouts are generally longer and consist of mainly gymnastic, monostructural, and light weight movements like kettlebells, medicine balls, and plyometrics.  We always begin the Metcon classes with a group warm up, and explain all the exercises and movement standards before the workout begins.  The class takes approximately 1 hour. 


We always begin the class with a good warm up and some dynamic stretches.  After the warm up, we will practice some skill or technique involved in the WOD.  After going over the movement standards, it’s 3 2 1 go!    The workouts are usually short and intense, but are always scaled to fit your physical abilities while still pushing you to your maximal performance capabilities.  After the workout there is usually a cool down and or stretch. The class always takes approximately 1 hour.