January 5th, 2012

Many of our members are taking advantage of  Beyondthewhiteboard.com. What is BTWB?

  • Easily track your CrossFit workouts
  • Compare your scores with other CrossFit athletes in gyms all across the world.  It gives you a better understanding of your athleticism and where you need to improve.  It’s also fun to see how you do relative to others in the gym/broader CrossFit community.
  • Measure progress- You have to keep a log if you want to measure progress, and electronic is so much better than paper.
  • Integrates with Facebook- It makes for some great conversations!
  • How much weight did you lift last time?  You will  never have to wonder again because it’s all recorded in one spot!

Want to take advantage of this great website?  Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll send you an invitation for your FREE account!!

Work Out of the Day

Make up a missed WOD/Metcon 


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  1. Yup! A must for everyone! Post your WODs on BTWB people. You love seeing your performance improvement and no more guessing what weight you last did for your lifts.

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