• Athlete Spotlight- Veronica Villar!!

    Name: Veronica Villar Age: 34 Occupation: Software Developer Single/married/family? In a relationship with a great guy that has two awesome kids that I get to be around. Favorite activity outside of CrossFit? Watching movies and experimenting in the kitchen. Favorite workout music?  Punk Rock Do you follow Paleo or Zone diet?  I like the idea of […]

  • Athlete Spotlight- Big Mike!

    Pre-CrossFit 2013 Spring Diet Challenge 2016   Name: Michael Weinberger Age: 48 Occupation: Writer, Chiropractor, and Bowyer Single/married/family? Married Favorite activity outside of CrossFit? Archery and Bowyering Favorite workout music? Heavy Metal (Metallica, Rob Zombie, etc..) Do you follow Paleo or Zone diet? Paleo Do you, or did you play any sports? High School Basketball, […]

  • Athlete Spotlight- Stuart Chupnick!

    Name: Stuart Chupnick Age: 51 Occupation: Accountant Single/married/family? Single, no kids Favorite activity outside of CrossFit? If there is such a thing, it would have to be being outdoors, or barbequing with my family. Favorite workout music? Rock Do you follow paleo or zone diet? Paleo, or try my best. Thanks for the Ice Age Meals! Do you, or did you play […]

  • Athlete Spotlight- Hannah Young!

    Name: Hannah Young Age: 15 Occupation: Student at Coronado High School. Single/married/family? Single. Favorite activity outside of CrossFit? Reading. Favorite workout music? 80s rock, or anything with a good beat. Do you follow paleo or zone diet? Nope. Do you, or did you play any sports? No, crossfit has been my first real athletic activity. […]

  • Athlete Spotlight!

    Name:  Damon Thompson  Age: 27  Occupation:  R.C. Willey Delivery  Single/married/family? Single  Favorite activity outside of CrossFit?  Movies and Sleep  Favorite workout music? 90’s Hip Hop or something pace  Do you follow paleo or zone diet? No  Do you, or did you play any sports? In high school I played basketball  How long have you been crossfitting? Just over 2 and a […]

  • The Health Benefits of- Fish Oil

    How Much Fish Oil Should You Take? Just about everyone is convinced that fish oil is the one supplement that you must add to your nutritional regime. Numerous studies have shown supplementing with fish oil has a variety of health benefits including reducing inflammation, improving blood lipid profiles, improving cognitive function, preventing cardiovascular disease, increasing […]

  • Athlete Spotlight!

    The Road to the World’s Toughest Mudder     In early 2011 our youngest son, Tyler, at 21 years of age, read about a new type of mud-run whereas you had to take on obstacles along the way. Intrigued by the idea he invited his friends and his father, who in-turn, invited his best friend Mike […]

  • Athlete Spotlight- CJ and Abbi Johnson!!

    Name: Chris Johnson, age 35 Abbi Johnson, age 34 Occupation: CJ: Estimator Abbi: Military Single/married/family? Married with 2 kids, Spencer (age 7) and Parker (age 4).  Favorite activity outside of CrossFit? CJ: Geek stuff Abbi: Read and nap   Favorite workout music? CJ: AWOLnation Abbi: Anything rated PG or below since the kids are usually […]

  • Athlete Spotlight!

    Name: Kobi Flowers Age: 14 Occupation: Student Single/married/family? Mom: Serena Villamor. Dad: Paris Flowers. Sibling: Jayla Eve Flowers Favorite activity outside of CrossFit?  Outside of CrossFit, my favorite activity is to spend my time in my room, usually sleeping. Do you you, or did you play any sports? If you consider karate a sport than […]